NBMS and EMCI Register work together as regards training and testing candidate brokers, certified brokers and valuers.

All information regarding training and testing is available at:

Once the training and the theory examinations have been completed, the candidate may register with NBMS and EMCI Register as an associate.

As soon as the practical examination has been successfully completed and the required experience has been acquired, the candidate’s associate status may be upgraded to full status.

Associate status will be granted once for a maximum of five consecutive years. This period may not be extended.


Online independent study

  • The training course consists of an online independent study.
  • You may begin at any time and study the material at your own pace.


Theory examinations

  • Each candidate will have their theoretical knowledge of (1) Dutch law, (2) boat technology and (3) practical experience & business tested.
  • Each candidate is required to successfully complete these three examinations.
  • It is possible to receive an exemption in the event that a demonstrably equivalent examination has been completed elsewhere.


Practical examination

  • To receive full status, candidates must successfully complete a practical examination.



  • Every associate broker is required to have a mentor.
  • A mentor is an experienced old hand in the profession who is able to advise and assist the candidate, and help them to prepare for the practical examination.
  • Mentors are tested and appointed by NBMS and EMCI Register.


Studying and working via an NBMS member

  • As an employer, NBMS members may provide their employees or contract partners with the opportunity to participate in the training and examinations against special rates. Terms and conditions apply!
  • With this offer, NBMS membership pays for itself!
  • If you are interested in following the training course and taking the examinations, consider first finding employment with an NBMS broker!
  • NBMS and EMCI Register would be happy to inform you of the terms and conditions and the rates.


Further information

For more information, please contact the EMCI secretariat on +31(0)88 0038 735 or by e-mail at



As of 1 January 2016, new associate registered maritime brokers have been required to work together with a mentor, i.e. a fully-certified maritime broker or otherwise qualified person who has been accepted as a mentor by EMCI and NBMS.

The objective of mentorship is to assist associate maritime brokers at their request with any questions they may have and in problematic transactions. The mentor is also obliging, ensuring that the associate actually performs all tasks expected of a broker and valuer, so that the associate is well-prepared to participate in the practical examination.

The mentor and the associate record the mentorship agreements in a mentor contract. For the structuring and performance of the mentorship relationship, instructions are available from EMCI. In the Netherlands, EMCI Register and NBMS monitor the performance of the mentorship relationship. The mentor service is provided free of charge, (see also the collaboration with Gerritse Consult).


Becoming a mentor

If you would like to become a mentor, please contact EMCI office operations (e-mail: or the NBMS secretariat (e-mail:


Finding a mentor

The following is a list of available mentors.

Ger Bayens (De Valk Zeeland)

Marcel Borgmann (Sea Independent Brokers)

Jitse Doeve (Doeve Makelaars)

Leo van Es (Heusden Yachts)

Hans Gerritse (Gerritse Consult | Euro Yacht)

Marie-Sophie Jorna-Krekelberg (Schepenkring Hattum)

René Jorna (Schepenkring Hattum)

Sjoerd Kampen (Scheepsmakelaardij Goliath)

Michiel Mol (BoatWish International)

Wim den Os (Loyal Yachts)

Joery Saly (Nautic World)

Gordon Sturhoofd (Sleeuwijk Yachting)

Jeroen van der Vliet (Van der Vliet Quality Yachts)


Collaboration between NBMS, EMCI Register and Gerritse Consult

NBMS, Gerritse Consult and EMCI Register have entered into a partnership as regards a paid service for supervising and coaching maritime brokers. In contrast to the above-mentioned mentors, Gerritse Consult offers a paid, modular supervision and coaching system for maritime brokers. Candidate brokers choose what they require and the options range from tutoring and assistance in preparing for the theory examinations, to help in completely setting up and structuring their own agency using the infrastructure of an established broker.

The core business of Gerritse Consult is the supervision and stimulation of (candidate) maritime practitioners, and they offer professional supervision within the assignment and agreements you conclude with them. Hans Gerritse has more than 30 years of experience in the maritime brokerage sector, was sworn in, is certified and has a successful track record in supervising maritime brokers.

Contact: or on telephone no. +31(0)35 582 8806 | +31(0)6 5339 0749