On the 1st of January 2002 the Dutch government decided to remove the legal protection of certain professional titles from the Commercial Code. Doing so the government distained itself from regulating en guarding over the quality standard for professions like experts and brokers. Many people found this an unwanted development. The situation became unclear which benefited nobody. Clients, consumers and companies have a distinct need for quality and professional conduct. This need was met by introducing the certification of professionals.

Several maritime professional organizations unified and adapted the same course in founding the Worldwide Examination Certification Institute (WCEI) on the 5th of May 2003.

European Maritime Certification Institute (EMCI) and ADR International Register are the official and registered trade names of WCEI.

WCEI is part of the Global Network Group. EMCI is available exclusively for the maritime sector. EMCI offers certification and registration for private individuals, companies and products.