The NBMS is the Association of sworn and EMCI certified ship brokers

specializes in buying and selling of:

Pleasure crafts

The yacht brokers of the NBMS mediate in the process of buying and selling a wide variety of pleasure crafts. There is a specialized member within the NBMS for every type of pleasure craft in every price range.

Prof. inland vessels

The brokers in professional inland vessels mediate between buyers and vendors of ships suitable for sailing on the main European rivers and inland waters. These ships can be seen as floating companies

Sea-going vessels

Within the NBMS you will also find brokers active with the buying and selling of sea- going vessels, such as fishing vessels and dredgers. In this professional area specialized knowledge of those type of ships including the value is essential.


Houseboats differ from former freight ships that have been rebuild and made suitable for housing purposes, purposely build houseboats with concrete or steel hulls to modern high-tech water villas architecturally designed and consisting of several floors.

The NBMS, the Dutch Association of shipbrokers

The association looks after the communal interests of their members and consists of ordinary members, exceptional members and contributors and has the task to maintain ship brokerage on a high professional level. Transactions in accordance with the latest regulations The Dutch Association of Ship Brokers is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Rotterdam under number V. 40341556 and founded in 1940.