N.B.M.S. Board


Name: Joined: Will resign in:
Mr. A.W. Gerritsma (Chairman) September 2021 September  2024
Mr. P.A.R. von Barnau Sythoff (Secretary) March 2014 March 2024
Mrs. B. Holierhoek (Treasurer) March 2018 March 2024
Mr. R.H. Holwerda (board member) March 1997 March 2024
Mr. J.A.N. Tresfon (board member) March 2022 March 2025
The Auditing Committee consist of:
Mr. M.P.H. Mol 2022 2024
Mr. M.A.J. ten Holter 2023 2025
NBMS/EMCI Scholingscommissie:
Mr. A.J. Hofman (Chairman)


Complaints regarding EMCI certified ship and yacht brokers can be submitted in writing to the European Maritime Certification Institute (EMCI) via: ( Complaints regarding NBMS extraordinary members and patrons can be submitted in writing to the secretary of the NBMS via: