Brokers Houseboats

Houseboats differ from former freight ships that have been rebuild and made suitable for housing purposes, purposely build houseboats with concrete or steel hulls to modern high-tech water villas architecturally designed and consisting of several floors. A houseboat or water villa has an official mooring space issued by a central or local government department.
The NBMS houseboat brokers are specialized in floating living accommodations, professionals with a specific national knowledge base in this wide field of expertise. Whether it is a authentic, former cargo ship ore an ultra modern water villa built to present standards and equipped with advanced high-tech installations, as well as everything in between those two varieties, the houseboat broker can offer his professional services with every type of transaction or valuation for insurance or financial purposes. A NBMS houseboat broker warrants professional conduct and updates his knowledge every year through the compulsory EMCI permanent education system. This guarantees that his professional standards will remain at the top level of his segment.